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The data you have provided, together with any information gathered as a result of audits or other activities undertaken in association with this registration scheme and any subsequent business development activities, will be made available to Impactt, Ethical First (the organisations contracted to deliver the registration scheme) for the purpose(s) of managing, operating and reporting on this scheme.

Data will be provided to approved auditors or auditing bodies and any other organisation involved in the delivery of the registration scheme and/or associated business development activities. Collective anonymised data will be given to members of the Ethical Trading Initiative Temporary Labour Working Group to enable them to judge whether the registration scheme’s objectives have been met and to inform future thinking.

Data will be made available to Defra, the Gangmasters Licensing Authority, or any other public body involved in the development, operation or enforcement of the gangmasters licensing scheme to assist with the development, design and future operation of the Gangmasters licensing arrangements.

Data may also be passed on to relevant government bodies, police or other enforcement bodies where non-compliance posing a serious risk to the health, safety or welfare of workers is suspected.

In limited circumstances, Defra may be required to release information, including personal data and commercial information, on request under the Environmental Information Regulations, the Code of Practice on Access to Government Information or the Freedom of Information Act 2000. However, Defra will not permit any unwarranted breach of confidentiality nor will we act in contravention of our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

By making this application for registration, you are consenting to the Ethical Trading Initiative processing the data you have provided for the purposes specified above.

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If you have any comments or feedback on your experiences with the Code of Practice and its implementation, please forward these to the Temporary Labour Working Group. Click here to contact us.