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Some aspects of the code apply to Labour Users as well as Labour Providers. You may as a result of an inspection be required to make changes to your workplace relating to certain areas of the code. For example, health and safety issues within your workplace may need to be addressed in order to make it safe for workers to attend.

You can also help by asking your Labour Providers whether they are registered and when they will be audited and by checking whether they need your site to be part of their audit.

As more and more Labour Providers register and are audited then it should be easier for you to use only Labour Providers that have passed an audit. This will encourage reputable Labour Providers to register and be audited. When the legislation is enacted in 2006, if you are using Labour Providers that have already passed they should find compliance with the new laws easier.

For more information read the leaflet 'What does the Code mean for me?' or visit the download page for other relevant documents.

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If you have any comments or feedback on your experiences with the Code of Practice and its implementation, please forward these to the Temporary Labour Working Group. Click here to contact us.